5 Ways to Build “Customer Trust” Online

I’m sure you can imagine that companies such as Amazon and many other mega online corps have multimillion advertising accounts to win your attention. It also seems that everyone has something for sell today and photoshopping the dream product to your front page doesn’t ensure the golden sells ticket either. So what does? Now imagine a brand you truly love. A brand that has second choice. A brand that you recommend to everyone you know.  This brand has your trust right?

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10 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand Online

As an online entrepreneur, making it a priority to build my own personal brand has taken longer to get around to than I like to admit and it’s something I deeply regret. If you haven’t started and it’s something you’ve dreamed about, it’s not something that you should be taking lightly. Lost time is unforgiving! Ten years in the future this decision, could in fact be one of the best moves you make in your life.

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Make Money Online As a Virtual Assistant

So what is a virtual assistant? Most perform many of the same tasks of a traditional office employee, and hold more or less the same responsibilities. The main difference is that a virtual assistant works from a remote location, and is not added to payroll. The number of virtual assistants are growing at a rapid pace making it easier to find the right person that fits well with your organization.

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How to Add a Logo to Genesis Themes

Today most brands can be recognized by their logos and when developing a Genesis website a question that is often asked is how to add this logo to a child theme. There are multiple ways to accomplish this some easy and some very complex. The easiest way is always best in my opinion!

First Create Your logo! I would guess most of you have already went ahead and completed this step even before reading this tutorial, but you never know. Anyways, make sure to have your logo handy and sized appropriately.

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Genesis Author Box in Five Minutes

It seems that there’s an author box virus going around the blogoshpere and its all the rage. Check mine out at the bottom of this post. So this is for my Genesis readers and if your not using it you need to keep searching for the solution or just buy the Genesis framework now!

The five minute Genesis author box solution: login to WordPress >> Dashboard >> Users >> Click User >> Type Biographical Info in the Box >> Check the box for Enable Author Box on this User’s Posts >> Update Profile. This step adds your author box to all your posts. Your finished!

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